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Active Literacy With iPads: Part 1

iBooks and ePUBs When I’m teaching reading, I’m teaching students how to be active readers.  That means that they need to engage with what they are reading.  They need to think, talk, and write.  They need to leave tracks of … Continue reading

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The Most Amazing Thing

“This is the most amazing thing I have ever done in my whole, whole life.” —1st grade student reflection after listening to his audio recording of Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar  Today I introduced Blue FiRe during reading workshop.  Blue FiRE … Continue reading

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15 Days

It’s Slice of Life Tuesday!  To read more Slices of Life or participate in the weekly slice of life writing community please visit Two Writing Teachers. We’ve been in school for 15 days.  I’ve had vacations longer than that.  15 … Continue reading

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Online Discussions and Access

Today I had my students conduct their first online math discussion.  I put them into groups by table and gave them some word problems from the book to discuss and solve together.  I asked them to solve one problem at … Continue reading

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Graphing: Hand vs. Digital

The other day I was telling someone about how I’m having my students create graphs for their math labs on their iPads this year.  They seemed a little put off. “But they won’t know how to make a graph by … Continue reading

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An Authentic Inquiry Moment

It started with a post-it.  As I wandered about the room filling out my literature discussion rubrics one of my students rushed up to me and said,  “Can I get my iPad because there’s this thing and we need to … Continue reading

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iPad Launch Lesson in 1st Grade

Today we launched the iPads in first grade.  After several technical delays due to syncing issues, we launched a one-to-one, hands-on introduction this afternoon.  My tech coordinator pushed-in to help with this lesson and it was wonderful to have two … Continue reading

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Encouraging Curiosity

A while ago I posted a video called “I Wonder in Five Words.”  You can view the post here.  I thought this would be a great beginning of the year project and a way to give the students a meaningful … Continue reading

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It’s All Greek To Me

I’ve finally started my Greek classes!  It’s an exciting feeling to be learning something new.  I’ve spent so much time focused on teaching that it’s a breath of fresh air to learn something not related to teaching. And yet.  It’s … Continue reading

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What We Teach vs. What They Learn

or when epubs go wrong… I just sat down to review the exit tickets that my students filled out after reading two contrasting articles about the American Revolution.  I find exit tickets to be a quick way to get immediate … Continue reading

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Hello Morning

Hello Morning. I missed you. With your blazing red sky and faint toast smell. Your sleepy eyed shuffle to the espresso machine. Eager dog greeting me, wagging for his breakfast. The refrigerator hums as if to say, good morning, I … Continue reading

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“Today Went Fast”

I am tired today.  With a capital TIRED.  It seemed like everyone around me was tired.  My students were tired.  Even our pencils were tired.  Tired.  I said the word so many times that it lost meaning. It’s one thing … Continue reading

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Responsive Teaching in Week 1

Wow.  Did that really just happen?  Photos, paintings and a pile of getting to know you projects litter the tables.  There’s so much glitter on the floor it looks like a Kesha concert took place in my classroom.   Week one … Continue reading

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iPad Photo Sharing

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to set up an organized and easy photo sharing system for my students to access on their iPads.  I used to have students copy anchor charts into their notebooks.  But I always … Continue reading

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iPad Organization

This year my 1st grade classroom will go one-to-one with the iPad 2.  I’m so excited! I’ve spent a lot of time this summer thinking about curriculum, assessment and management of devices.  Last year, my classroom participated in a smaller … Continue reading

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Day 15: The Last Days of Back to School

It seems silly to write a back to school post.  I’m already “back to school.”  Chicago decided to join us by ushering in fall on the first day.  Suddenly Carmel apples seem like a good idea and I’m thinking about … Continue reading

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Day 14: A Slice of Life

Today was the first day the students were actually “back to school.”  Ok, I didn’t quite make my 15 days before the first day….hey, I tried.  It was a good day.  An exhausting day, but a good day.  Let’s zoom … Continue reading

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Day 13: Books That Teach

I love picture books that have a message.  I use a wide variety of books every year and at the beginning of the year I like books that send a message of acceptance and tolerance.  Here are three of my … Continue reading

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Looking ahead to a fabulous school year…

Hi everyone!  I am so excited to be a part of this blog! Thanks Katie! As a first grade teacher, I have lots to say about developing readers, writers, collaborators and thinkers.  I want my students to be curious and … Continue reading

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Day 12: Setting Students up for 2.0

There are two websites that I use a great deal in my class.  Edmodo and Kidblogs.  I have chosen these two sites because they enable me to create an online collaboration space for students while still maintaining privacy and control.  … Continue reading

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