Day 15: The Last Days of Back to School

15 Days of Back To School

It seems silly to write a back to school post.  I’m already “back to school.”  Chicago decided to join us by ushering in fall on the first day.  Suddenly Carmel apples seem like a good idea and I’m thinking about socks for the first time in months.  But I think I have one last important idea to share.


Connecting with other professionals is such an important part of my life.  It’s not like I’m just sitting around thinking up brilliant ideas.  Ok, I get some.  But much of what makes me who I am is because of the amount of time I spend connecting with others.  I connect with collegues every day.  Michelle my super teaching partner, who is ever patient and helps me think out my crazy ideas to make them reality.  Kristin my new co-blogger whom I spent the entire summer with working out iPad details and scouring the country for cheese.  Super Skibba, the best technology teacher in the world who is helping design a school wide vision for technologically literate teachers and students.  And more…so many more.

Then there’s my online community.  This blog, the Slice of Life community at Two Writing Teachers, Twitter, Classroom 2.0 and iPads in Ed, and my real life friends who are also teachers through Facebook.

I connect through books as well.  I connect around books.  A teacher book study group, whether it’s just a few people or many, can be such an enriching and exciting opportunity to reflect and improve on craft.  Plus you can bring snacks and coffee…

Lastly I connect through grants and groups.  Boundless Readers (really we all still call it Rochelle Lee!) TACAR groups, CFE lesson study.  Last year it was Master’s classes, the year before that my National Board support group.

If you do anything this year CONNECT.  Teaching can be so isolating sometimes and these connections support us, challenge us, and build us up.

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One Response to Day 15: The Last Days of Back to School

  1. elsie says:

    Thanks for all your thoughts on getting ready for school Katie. I have enjoyed the journey of your thinking and look forward to more this year.

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