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March Madness: The Book Battle

That’s the tweet that started it all.  The Book Brackets for March.  I thought it was a cool idea and didn’t think much more of it until my colleague Ben said that he was doing it.  That we should all … Continue reading

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Ramping Up Reading Conferences

I had a great discussion with my student teacher the other day.  Well, really it was more me talking through a line of thinking and her listening politely as she wondered “why am I stuck with this crazy woman?”  I … Continue reading

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Coming Out of Hibernation with #SHC13 Think Tank!

Those of you that have had a baby will understand when I say that I’ve been in hibernation.  It’s not that I’ve been sleeping my days away, in fact I get less sleep now than I ever have.  My hibernation … Continue reading

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Connecting Comprehension and Technology

You may have noticed our lack of posts lately.  There are two good reasons for that.  1) Mini Literacyspark has been keeping Katie very busy.  2) We’ve been writing a book.  Whaaaaaat!?  Yes, it’s true.  We’ve strayed out of the … Continue reading

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What’s on Your Flipboard?

I’ve been using Flipboard on my iPad for some time.  I love the way that it lays out text from different websites.  This year we’ve loaded the free Flipboard app onto student devices and we’ll be starting the year with … Continue reading

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Beautiful, Beautiful Books

I’ve been meaning to post these pictures ever since last spring.  I took them at a great independent children’s book store in Wisconsin called the Book Look.  It’s basically teacher heaven.  So sit back and enjoy my photo essay.

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We are bloggers!

Currently, each student in my class hosts a blog on  Kidblogs is a safe and easy blogging site for students.  There are various settings that allow the teacher to manage visibility and access. Each child enters his or her … Continue reading

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What’s Blogging Got To Do With It?

Ok, bad title I know.  But the content is good.  At least I hope it is.  Today I gave my students a survey about blogging.  It’s the first year that I’ve done blogs from the beginning of the year and … Continue reading

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Characters We Love To Hate

Yesterday I started reading Touching Spirit Bear out loud to the class.  I started by telling them.  “The main character in this book is named Cole Mathews and you are going to hate him.”  That got their attention.  Fifth grade … Continue reading

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NCTE 2011 Recap: Donalyn Miller, Franki Sibberson, Sara Kajder & Teri Lesesne

If you’ve attended a national conference like NCTE, you know how tricky it is to plan your daily schedule to maximize your conference experience and see all the speakers on your “must see” list.  Especially at NCTE–many people I wanted … Continue reading

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Active Literacy With iPads (and some other technology too…): Part 2

Gradual Release of Responsibility Learning how to really implement a gradual release of responsibility model has been one of the most powerful things in my teaching career.  This model sets up a framework for how instruction gradually moves from teacher … Continue reading

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Active Literacy With iPads: Part 1

iBooks and ePUBs When I’m teaching reading, I’m teaching students how to be active readers.  That means that they need to engage with what they are reading.  They need to think, talk, and write.  They need to leave tracks of … Continue reading

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The Most Amazing Thing

“This is the most amazing thing I have ever done in my whole, whole life.” —1st grade student reflection after listening to his audio recording of Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar  Today I introduced Blue FiRe during reading workshop.  Blue FiRE … Continue reading

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Day 8: A Steady Diet of Reading

Keeping kids excited about reading is a major part of my job.  If they like the books they will read.  This means that I keep up a steady diet of reading during the year.  Enough that the site of me … Continue reading

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Day 6: A Tour Through My Room

I’m in a good place with my room.  It’s not done.  But it’s getting there.  I thought that today I would post some pictures and break down my rationale for why I have things  the way they are and possible … Continue reading

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Day 4: Go Slow to Go Fast

Go slow to go fast. I’ve heard this phrase a lot lately.  Most recently I noticed it as I was flipping through Leslie Blauman’s new book The Inside Guide to the Reading-Writing Classroom, a book that I will be leading … Continue reading

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Day 1: Rituals

Rituals are special. They are something that you revisit and they are unique to your classroom community. Every year I establish rituals with my class.  Some are purposeful and some just happen as an organic response to the day to … Continue reading

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Why You Might Want To Stick With It

Every year I teach a lesson on abandoning books.  I always follow that lesson with one on NOT abandoning books.  This is for the students who are serial abandoners.  These students give up on books for many reasons.  Perhaps they … Continue reading

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Living Life Like a Reader

I just spent two hours in bed finishing a book.  The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jaime Ford.  It was one of those books that leaves you emotionally drained and reeling with comments, just the kind … Continue reading

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