It’s All Greek To Me

I’ve finally started my Greek classes!  It’s an exciting feeling to be learning something new.  I’ve spent so much time focused on teaching that it’s a breath of fresh air to learn something not related to teaching.

And yet.  It’s always about teaching.

Becoming a learner again, in a challenging foreign language, reminds me of how hard, embarrassing, and frustrating learning can be.  I was put in the place of student last night as I phonetically sounded out words like a first grader. It made me thankful for my few experiences with Rosetta Stone.  The guy sitting next to me wasn’t so lucky and I could feel his angst.  It was all I could do to not whisper the letters under my breath.

Luckily our teacher, who is also a certified elementary teacher, seems to have an innate sense of classroom community.  She’s a little silly, makes no secret that she has a weird sense of humor, and sported an increasingly large amount of chalk on her shirt as the night went on.  This made me like her immediately.

As adults in the “expert” position, it’s easy to forget what our students are going through.  The range of emotions that are linked to our learning experiences.  The joy of understanding and the disappointment of not.  I think I’ll share my experiences with my class today and think about how I can make them feel comfortable as they learn things that sometimes feel like a foreign language to them.

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