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Raisin Toast and Cottage Cheese

The weekly Slice of Life is held at Two Writing Teachers.  Join me! I had raisin toast with cottage cheese for breakfast this morning.  Warm crispy raisin toast dripping with butter.  Thick creamy cottage cheese. Mmmmmmm…… Growing up we would … Continue reading

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Student Photography

Here is something to make you feel good!  I recently combed through my students’ photo roll and pulled out some fun and interesting pictures they had taken.  Here are a few below.  Click on this link to view the rest … Continue reading

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Supporting Students’ Test Taking with Technology Part 1

I hate to admit this, I really do.  I hate to admit it because I am super disgusted when I see kids using technology for test prep and that’s all they use it for.  So don’t judge me too harshly … Continue reading

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Reinforcing Learning With Math Videos

I’ve been exploring the use of short instructional videos in the classroom as a way to provide more and targeted instruction to student’s needs.  Making all of your own videos can be time consuming so it’s nice to have some … Continue reading

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Talking Tech @ Tech Talk

Yesterday I attended a conference here in Chicago called Tech Talk.  It was exciting to see so many great things going on in our district and it gave me a sense of hope, at least for the schools who have … Continue reading

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Finding A Memory: A Slice of Life

The weekly Slice of Life Round up is held at Two Writing Teachers.  Join us. Memoirs are hard for kids.  They are hard on me too.  I have to often remind myself that they don’t have the value of being … Continue reading

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A Personal Passion: Art

I love art.  I think that if I wasn’t teaching fifth grade I might want to teach art.  I’ve seen an explosion of creativity in my students lately as they express themselves using digital art.  But there’s something about the … Continue reading

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My New Obsession: Pinterest

Yes I’ve just drunk the Pinterest Koolaid.  It’s soooo good.  I’m going to use it to collect teaching resources both technology and non technology related.  Feel free to follow me. : )

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Some Favorite Fifth Grade Math Apps

Every day there are millions of new apps. But only a few make the cut for being truly useful in an education setting. Even fewer meet my high learning requirements and my students’ fun requirements. Here are a few that … Continue reading

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Characters We Love To Hate

Yesterday I started reading Touching Spirit Bear out loud to the class.  I started by telling them.  “The main character in this book is named Cole Mathews and you are going to hate him.”  That got their attention.  Fifth grade … Continue reading

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Things We Don’t Know

Ah, it’s a new year!  I’m back to blogging after a much needed break.  Recently I was reading an article published on the Huffington Post highlighting a thread from reddit on the stupidest thing you’ve ever had to explain to … Continue reading

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