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Reflections, Directions, and Writing Workshop

I’m writing this prequel to my slice after I’ve finished because I realize that this snippet of my day may make it sound like I’m some kind of strict directions Nazi that lives to stifle children’s innate creativity.  I promise … Continue reading

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The Power of Gooooozfraba

“On the website it says to use a minimum of three sources and a minimum is usually a C so to get an A….” I pressed my lips together and closed my eyes inhaling deeply through my nose.  The student … Continue reading

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Coming Out of Hibernation with #SHC13 Think Tank!

Those of you that have had a baby will understand when I say that I’ve been in hibernation.  It’s not that I’ve been sleeping my days away, in fact I get less sleep now than I ever have.  My hibernation … Continue reading

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We’ve been busy…

Hi Friends! Happy 2013! This post in an apology for not being present on the blog for the past few months and a public commitment to make my practice more visible in the coming days. This has been a challenging … Continue reading

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10 Days: An Emotional Roller Coaster

Ten days ago I started school.  I met my 33 first graders for the first time.  I set routines, learned about my students, met their parents, established a workshop model…now I am on strike.  The emotional highs and lows of … Continue reading

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Mulling Over Blogging

I’ve written many posts about my journey with my students and blogging.  Most recently I gave students a survey about their thoughts and ideas on this topic.  This year my students have made huge progress in their ability to think … Continue reading

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Class Meetings Matter

Class meetings matter.  I understand that sometimes there are not enough minutes in the day. I realize that we have to make choices each week how to best use our instructional time.  After a series of shortened weeks, I feel … Continue reading

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What’s Blogging Got To Do With It?

Ok, bad title I know.  But the content is good.  At least I hope it is.  Today I gave my students a survey about blogging.  It’s the first year that I’ve done blogs from the beginning of the year and … Continue reading

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A Time to Reflect

Columbus Day. It’s always the first real opportunity to step back and reflect on the current school year.  The 3-day weekend serves as a much needed break to think about where we’ve been, what we’ve accomplished and provides time to … Continue reading

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It’s All Greek To Me

I’ve finally started my Greek classes!  It’s an exciting feeling to be learning something new.  I’ve spent so much time focused on teaching that it’s a breath of fresh air to learn something not related to teaching. And yet.  It’s … Continue reading

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“Today Went Fast”

I am tired today.  With a capital TIRED.  It seemed like everyone around me was tired.  My students were tired.  Even our pencils were tired.  Tired.  I said the word so many times that it lost meaning. It’s one thing … Continue reading

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Keeping It Together At The End

I was so happy to get my issue of the Big Fresh in my email inbox this week.  If you aren’t getting this email newsletter from Choice Literacy, you simply must.  I decided to dig through the archives and I … Continue reading

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The End Of The Year: Reflection, Hair Pulling, and Celebrations

Isn’t it funny how the end of the year is really a new beginning?  As teachers we always starting saying.  “I’m going to do this better next year, I’m going to change that.”  It’s refreshing in some ways that we … Continue reading

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Last week was crazy.  I mean crazy, crazy.  On Friday I did a model lesson and then participated in an hour long debrief with 15 teachers and Educational Guru, Smokey Daniels.  Crazy.  (I was a fill in, some teachers did … Continue reading

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Finding Your Reflection

When you look in the teaching mirror you may not recognize the person standing in front of you.  Years pass.  We become wiser, more practiced, more effective, more seasoned, more skeptical, and sadly sometimes more jaded.  Surroundings are everything.  Sometimes … Continue reading

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Reflecting On Book Clubs

A few posts back I wrote about getting my students started on a new round of book clubs.  One of the choices I made was to have groups sign up for discussions twice a week instead of having a “discussion … Continue reading

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Quotes To Live By

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”  -Pericles What do you weave into lives of your students every day? I hope that I weave in confidence, … Continue reading

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Real World Revolutions

I’m back to the beginning of my American Revolution unit with the other group of 5th graders this week.  Focusing on social studies has really enabled me to evaluate my units and experiment with different learning activities.  One of my … Continue reading

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Preparing For Testing Like It’s My Job

What’s another good title for this blog post? a) Testmas: the holiday no one wants to celebrate b) Actual teaching vs. the government’s ideas of teaching c) Have another cup of coffee and while you’re at it grab a cinnamon … Continue reading

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Making Room for Quiet Voices

I was watching this video from Annenberg Media today.  It’s Katherine Bomer, a favorite author of mine, teaching and talking about her read aloud time.  It is packed with rich and exciting learning opportunities.  One of the things she mentions … Continue reading

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