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Wag more, bark less

Wag more bark less is a slightly famous slogan found on doggie related products. It’s also my theme for the summer. There’s a lot of barking going on in the education world right now. I’m choosing to spend my summer … Continue reading

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ePub Fun

I just spent the last two days in a room full of educators!  We experimented, we talked, and we planned on how we would be implement iPads in our classroom next year.  Fun times, at least for me.  Thanks to … Continue reading

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Last Day

Today is our last full day of school.  Although I am done teaching subjects, I still have things to teach my students.  For instance, the power of ending on a positive note, the importance of reflecting on the school year, … Continue reading

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I love blogging, but it’s not great for organizing resources.  There are times when I’m digging through old posts looking for something!  So I’ve decided to create a resources page using wikispaces.  It’s still in its early stages so there … Continue reading

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Children Full of Life

The other day I posted about how I’ve been using short and compelling video clips to break up our long last few days of the school year.  In my search I found a link to this five part documentary about … Continue reading

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End of Year Inspiration

Our days have been long and hot.  For some reason people need to wreak havoc on our schedule at the end of the year and this leaves my students restless.  I’m addressing this by breaking up my instructional periods into … Continue reading

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Keeping It Together At The End

I was so happy to get my issue of the Big Fresh in my email inbox this week.  If you aren’t getting this email newsletter from Choice Literacy, you simply must.  I decided to dig through the archives and I … Continue reading

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The End Of The Year: Reflection, Hair Pulling, and Celebrations

Isn’t it funny how the end of the year is really a new beginning?  As teachers we always starting saying.  “I’m going to do this better next year, I’m going to change that.”  It’s refreshing in some ways that we … Continue reading

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