End of Year Inspiration

Our days have been long and hot.  For some reason people need to wreak havoc on our schedule at the end of the year and this leaves my students restless.  I’m addressing this by breaking up my instructional periods into smaller chunks and showing some short videos in between.  Today I showed the TMB Panyee video and the Money Tree video as well as this one below.  The students loved it, were totally engaged, had great discussions, and seemed genuinely happy and able to focus on our other tasks of the day.


Because our school blocks YouTube I used KeepVid to download these to my computer.  It’s really easy! Just go to the site and drag their little button to your toolbar.  Then when you find a video you want from YouTube click the button and choose your download.

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One Response to End of Year Inspiration

  1. Tara says:

    I love these! We had used both videos as a writing generator weeks ago – but I like the idea of saving them for these last, hot (it was 100 in my classroom Thursday and Friday!) days!

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