Last Day

Today is our last full day of school.  Although I am done teaching subjects, I still have things to teach my students.  For instance, the power of ending on a positive note, the importance of reflecting on the school year, and the value of making memories.  This year as a parting gift I am giving each student a DVD with two videos.  One is a 20 minute montage of photos from the year.  The other is a short compilation of each of them saying what they believe in. (An homage to our This I Believe essays.) I hope that I have given them more this year. I hope that I have given them a sense of strength, empowerment, and kindness. I hope they had the time of their life.

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2 Responses to Last Day

  1. Michelle says:

    Just awesome! What special memories and keepsakes for your students. Something they will cherish for years to come — and never forget you as an inspirational teacher. Happy last day!

  2. Tara says:

    Great gifties to end a great year – how lucky your kids have been to have had you in their learning lives!

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