5 Things I’m Taking Back To My Classroom From #ISTE2014

  1. Student Ignite Presentations I loved the Ignite format for presentations and I’m dying to try it with my students.  I can’t think of a better way to coach them to become stronger speakers and presenters. (And stick to a time limit!)  No more reading off your notecards or slides kids! 
  2. The Power of Play This theme emerged very clearly during the conference.  From Kevin Carroll’s Keynote on The Red Ball to Gary Stager’s presentation on Invent to Learn.  I created this Padlet of resources and things to write grants for so that I can get my kids playing, experimenting, and making!
  3. More Collaboration!  I was so inspired by Julie Ramsay’s 6th graders and all of the ways they collaborate with other students around the world. http://ramsaysclass8ways.weebly.com  After listening to them speak at their poster session I realized that I’ve only dipped my toe into the possibilities for my students.  
  4. Digital Public Library of America I did not even know that this existed!  BOOM!  Best new resource ever.
  5. SAMR Model I know the SAMR model.  I live the SAMR model.  But after hearing Ruben Puentedura, the SAMR king himself, speak I realized that I need to put my knowledge of Pedagogy, Content, and Technology to work in order to get myself into the Modification and Redefinition areas more often!  
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3 Responses to 5 Things I’m Taking Back To My Classroom From #ISTE2014

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  2. Ben Kovacs says:

    Nice post. Simple. Direct. Substantial!

  3. Mary Cronk Farrell says:

    Hi Katie, came over here after meeting you on twitter. Thanks for mentioning Ignite format. Never heard of it, but I am going to try it on my next author talk.

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