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Paper Slide Videos

I’m out of time, It happens.  You get to the end of a unit and realize that what you had planned just won’t work.  I usually end with a project.  Well, our non project turned into a project and now … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Reading

Here’s what I’m reading with my coffee this morning. Multiple Intelligences and Arts The Teaching Dream One Rule ICE Conference, Here’s the link to the google doc from Chad Lehman’s presentation.  Amazing!

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More Amazing Resources From ICE

In my last post I summed up some highlights from my day at the ICE conference.  Well this post will be dedicated solely to resources and ideas that came from peoples’ tweets on Friday.  We are in an amazing time … Continue reading

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Ice Ice Baby

“Alright stop! Collaborate and listen, ICE is back with a brand new edition…” No, not that Ice Ice Baby, although the first line is strangely appropriate.  I’m talking about the annual ICE conference that I was lucky enough to attend … Continue reading

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Choosing Texts

As a teacher who uses a literature based curriculum I spend a lot of time with books;  Reading books, buying books, sharing books, finding books.  At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter how good I am, it’s … Continue reading

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A Sip Of Coffee

What is the first thing you when you get up in the morning? One of the first things on my morning list, after cuddling with the dog, is to make coffee.  I used to brew an entire pot.  I would … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Have To Be Flexible

I work with amazing teachers who use amazing texts to teach.  Sometimes I go to teach a lesson and the students already know the book.  Usually I’m ok with that, as long as I’m using it for a different lesson … Continue reading

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I ran across this video while cruising some links from my Twitter feed.  This teacher is using the problem solving/adventure game Myst Exile to, well he’s doing several things here, one of them is working on writing skills.  What do … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Reading

I love a lazy Saturday morning.  By lazy I mean indulging in breakfast at my favorite brunch place, drinking too much coffee, walking the dog, and utterly ignoring the huge stack of papers lurking in my bag.  Productivity is for … Continue reading

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Friday Confessions: I’m one of THOSE teachers

My Friday confessions posts are inspired by NovaLibraryMom who blogs at One Upon A Story. It’s time for another confession.  I’m one of THOSE teachers.  You know, the ones who really like their job.  Here’s another secret, there are a … Continue reading

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Inquiry On The iPad From Top To Bottom : Part 1

Getting Ideas As I’m thinking about how I will use the iPad with my students I’ve been spending a lot of time going through the processes that they would go through.  So, I decided to go through a personal inquiry … Continue reading

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Inspiration On A Wednesday

Watching this video really inspired me this morning. The way that the students talk about their passion for this project warmed my heart. Not only that but the depth of learning that they are experiencing is impressive. Talk about the … Continue reading

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The Lower Case Letters Mystery

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my friend B and his shovel.  Here is another slice about B. B had been working on his story for 30 minutes.  While I was conferring with students I had noticed … Continue reading

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Mysterious Joe

I have an empty desk in my classroom.  27 students, 28 desks.  Most teachers keep an extra one on had for that middle of the year transfer.  I mostly just need to have symmetrical desk groups in even numbers because … Continue reading

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Books and eBooks and Bankruptcy, Oh My!

Toys.  Is this Toys ‘R Us?  No.  It’s Borders.  The same Borders that is declaring bankruptcy.  I was shocked to see such a huge toy display when I went to spend a few gift cards the other day.  Clearly they … Continue reading

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Quotes To Live By

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”  -Pericles What do you weave into lives of your students every day? I hope that I weave in confidence, … Continue reading

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Real World Revolutions

I’m back to the beginning of my American Revolution unit with the other group of 5th graders this week.  Focusing on social studies has really enabled me to evaluate my units and experiment with different learning activities.  One of my … Continue reading

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Using Think Alouds To Assess Reading

Every year our staff reads three professional texts together.  Usually one in the summer which we discuss at our first PD days and then two during the year.  Our current book is Classroom Reading Assessments by Frank Serafini.  This round … Continue reading

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Standing In The Street

The snow piles in the street have turned hard and gray.  A fresh dusting did nothing to mask the mess beneath.  Empty spaces stand dotted with chairs, boxes, and other unwanted items laying claim to a small homestead on the … Continue reading

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Bringing My Reading Conferences Into The 21st Century

As I think about ways to use iPads with my students I’m also thinking about ways that I can use this tool to help myself become a more efficient and organized teacher.  So, today I created this Google form which … Continue reading

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