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Closing Up Shop

The time has come for a change.  A fresh start.  I started this blog so many years ago it’s become a hodge podge of things over the last years.  But never fear!  We have a new blog, with a new … Continue reading

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My Love and Hate Relationship With Education

There are things I love about my job and other things…well, hate is a strong word.  But I’ll get to that in a minute.  Yesterday I had an extra spring in my step.  Not even a polar plunge on the … Continue reading

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Can you do book clubs with Choose Your Adventure Books? Part 1

I know you read these as a kid!  Flipping back and forth to make the story end in different ways.  I used to love trying to read all the stories to make it end the way I thought it should. … Continue reading

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Play, Learning, and Authentic Tasks

“Gigi please get out of that drawer.”  I was in the kitchen trying to cook dinner.  Gigi was being a typical toddler and getting into everything that she possibly could get into. My frustration was starting to grow.  I sighed … Continue reading

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#nErDcampMI Post #1

I just had the MOST FUN at #nErDcampMI a literacy and technology Edcamp hosted by friends from the Nerdy Book Club.  There’s a lot that I could write about in a reflection post but since so many people had questions … Continue reading

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5 Things I’m Taking Back To My Classroom From #ISTE2014

Student Ignite Presentations I loved the Ignite format for presentations and I’m dying to try it with my students.  I can’t think of a better way to coach them to become stronger speakers and presenters. (And stick to a time limit!) … Continue reading

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ISTE 2014

I’ve just finished my very first ISTE conference and wow am I spinning.  So many things to learn, so many smart people to connect with, and so much fun to be had.  Here are a few of my highlights from … Continue reading

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Day 30: We Circle These Broken Birds

  We spread our wings gather in a circle to mourn. Shock waves still pounding our souls as if pummeled by a tsunami. A community surrounds these broken birds. Circle upon circle moving outward in concentric rings spread wings. We … Continue reading

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Lessons From The Trenches of The Slice of Life Challenge

It’s been a crazy month.  Crazy.  Why?  Because both I and my students have been participating in the Slice of Life Challenge dreamed up by the amazing ladies at Two Writing Teachers.  To sum it up: write everyday, comment on … Continue reading

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Stop Motion Time!

  My Clementine from Katie Muhtaris on Vimeo. I recently made this stop motion video for the Slice of Life challenge and quite a few people were asking me how they might create one as well.  Let me tell you … Continue reading

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March Madness: The Book Battle

That’s the tweet that started it all.  The Book Brackets for March.  I thought it was a cool idea and didn’t think much more of it until my colleague Ben said that he was doing it.  That we should all … Continue reading

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Reflections, Directions, and Writing Workshop

I’m writing this prequel to my slice after I’ve finished because I realize that this snippet of my day may make it sound like I’m some kind of strict directions Nazi that lives to stifle children’s innate creativity.  I promise … Continue reading

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Ramping Up Reading Conferences

I had a great discussion with my student teacher the other day.  Well, really it was more me talking through a line of thinking and her listening politely as she wondered “why am I stuck with this crazy woman?”  I … Continue reading

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The Power of Gooooozfraba

“On the website it says to use a minimum of three sources and a minimum is usually a C so to get an A….” I pressed my lips together and closed my eyes inhaling deeply through my nose.  The student … Continue reading

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I forgot how to teach writing

I had a revelation during NCTE this year, I forgot how to teach writing.  I forgot that in order for students to learn they have to be able to see the writing in their own words, voices, and hearts.  Sometimes … Continue reading

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The Power of Words: Lessons from #NCTE13

Teaching is the sort of profession that can wear you down.  You don’t notice it happening.  It might start with an extra cup of coffee and the next thing you know you’re crawling into bed at 8pm wondering what happened … Continue reading

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Putting Competition to Good Use

This year my class seems to have a competitive streak.  It’s not all of the students, of course, but enough of them to significantly impact the community.  It’s a fine line that I walk between motivating kids and teaching them … Continue reading

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What Do Kids Do When the Going Gets Tough?

There are students in your classroom who often know how to do the math before you get to the lesson.  You know which ones I’m talking about.  They complete work in record time.  They get the highest scores on all … Continue reading

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Back to School!

My stomach was in a knot as I pulled the big box of diapers out of the back of the car.  M smiled happily at me as I undid the belts of her carseat.  Today would be her first day … Continue reading

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Coming Out of Hibernation with #SHC13 Think Tank!

Those of you that have had a baby will understand when I say that I’ve been in hibernation.  It’s not that I’ve been sleeping my days away, in fact I get less sleep now than I ever have.  My hibernation … Continue reading

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