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The tech coordinator at my school (also known as Super Woman) sent me this link.  It’s a wikispace for the Wissahickon School District that features a comprehensive list of links, resources, videos, and other tasty items for integrating technology into … Continue reading

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Remembering Masa

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago.  I lived one block from my elementary school, walked home for lunch everyday, and rode bikes on the street until the soft edge of twilight called me home. My second grade teacher, … Continue reading

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Creating and Keeping an Inquiry Notebook

Last year I started an Inquiry Notebook.  Truthfully, it started with the notebook itself.  I received an interesting notebook that had been converted from an old text book.   It seemed really special and I wanted it to have a special … Continue reading

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Preparing For Testing Like It’s My Job

What’s another good title for this blog post? a) Testmas: the holiday no one wants to celebrate b) Actual teaching vs. the government’s ideas of teaching c) Have another cup of coffee and while you’re at it grab a cinnamon … Continue reading

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On My Nightstand

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Big Thinkers: Linda Darling-Hammond on Becoming Internationally Competitive | Edutopia

Interesting comments on global competitiveness from Linda Darling-Hammond.  What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment below. Big Thinkers: Linda Darling-Hammond on Becoming Internationally Competitive | Edutopia.

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Swoon, Double Swoon

Nancie Atwell.  One of my Teacher Heroes.  By far one of my favorite speakers.   Here are some clips from her new DVDs Reading in the Middle and Writing in the Middle available from Heinemann Publishers.  (Now I just have to … Continue reading

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4 iPad Apps for Math Education

So I’ve been doing research and development for an iPad initiative at our school.  It’s taken me quite a bit of time to even find an initial set of Apps that I think would be meaningful for my students to … Continue reading

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Wow, just wow.

I stumbled across Reading Vacation, a blog by an eleven-year-old girl,  last weekend.  She very intelligently reviews and talks about books.  I am blown away!  Amazed! Astounded! Ok, enough of that.  Anyway, I can’t wait to share this with my … Continue reading

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Classroom Feng Shui

I place a great deal of value on classroom environment.  I’m always looking for a way to keep my classroom fresh and place an emphasis on student comfort and usability.  It’s taken me years and countless grants from Donors Choose … Continue reading

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Thinking About Technology and Revolutions

I’ve been thinking a lot about technology lately.   There seems to be a wide range of opinions about which technology to use, how often, and what the benefits are for students.  The fact is, we are blazing the trails of … Continue reading

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Footprints in the Digital World

My students spend a lot of time using the internet.  For the most part they do research for various curriculum inquiry projects.  We use Edmodo for the class, but living in a digital world is fairly new to most of … Continue reading

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The Ten Stages of Standardized Testing

If you’re a classroom teacher you know the stress that can surround testing.  Depending on your students and administration you may feel varying levels of pressure to toss your well laid plans out the window and head for the test … Continue reading

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The Little Things

Sometimes I wish I could take as much pleasure in the little things in life as my dog does.  Take towels for example.  On rainy or snowy days he always needs to have his paws dried.  Of course, as soon … Continue reading

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Posts I’m Loving Today

Unshelved cartoons from 100 Scope Notes. Not only do I love this idea but I can already see my students creating their own versions using comic life. Even better, they could use this format to share their findings from their … Continue reading

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Writing on a Friday

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Themes in Literature

About this time of year I like to really start exploring the idea of themes in literature. I pull the laminated book covers of the books we’ve read off the clothes line where they’ve been hanging and have the students … Continue reading

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A Little Video Inspiration

Sunday morning and I’m catching up on my emails. I was so excited to see my Choice Literacy newsletter in my box. Although you have to pay for the site you can sign up for a free newsletter that gives … Continue reading

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A New Year and Some New Technology

Well, it’s happened.  I now have an iPad and I will be helping to design an iPad integration program for our fourth and fifth grade classes.  As I’ve spent the last week with my new “toy” I’m reminded of the … Continue reading

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