The End Of The Year: Reflection, Hair Pulling, and Celebrations

Isn’t it funny how the end of the year is really a new beginning?  As teachers we always starting saying.  “I’m going to do this better next year, I’m going to change that.”  It’s refreshing in some ways that we and our students get these fresh starts.  Of course, I don’t feel super fresh right now.  I feel overwhelmed with the scads of paperwork that’s coming down the pipe.  I’m annoyed with myself that I haven’t been blogging as much as I’ve wanted, but I’m also giving myself a break because I know I’ll catch up over the summer.

The end of the year is about reflection and celebrations, the hair pulling comes in between.  This is for teachers and students.  This year I’m planning a few things to help my class remember and celebrate their year.

  1. In Writer’s Workshop we’re writing essays in the style of This I Believe.  I’m planning some type of digital project, depending on time, that can be archived on disk for the students.
  2. We’re going to have a Young Author’s celebration with parents invited for students to share some of their most recent written work, including their blogs that they’ve been doing in Reading.
  3. I’m planning a revisit to the Marshmallow Challenge I used at the beginning of the year as a team building activity.  They’ve been begging for it!
  4. As a final parting gift I’m making a picture slide show of images from the year for each student to have on CD.


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