“Today Went Fast”

I am tired today.  With a capital TIRED.  It seemed like everyone around me was tired.  My students were tired.  Even our pencils were tired.  Tired.  I said the word so many times that it lost meaning.

It’s one thing for me to be tired, but when the students are I have to keep things moving to get them engaged.  I employed a lot of what I like to call “scene changes” today.  Instruction broken into smaller chunks.  Every section of a lesson in a different location in the room.  Lots of switching between teacher directed, individual directed, small group work, and iPad time.  I can always tell when it works because the kids say “gosh today went fast.”

Today went fast.  That’s kid code for “you kept me busy and interested today.”  That’s what I want to hear.   It’s second only to “that was more fun than I thought it was going to be” which really means “Boy I thought that was gonna be lame but you really hit that out of the ball park teach.”

We are all on a learning journey as I work to integrate our iPads into the daily plan and they work to learn how to use them.  It feels like double teaching because I am doing all of the teaching I normally do, plus teaching them a new way to do it at the same time.  I’m aiming for balance between tradition and innovation and that takes a lot of brain power.  For all of us.  But at the end of the day, as long as I hear those magic words, I have to figure we’re doing ok.

Today went fast.

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