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Coming Out of Hibernation with #SHC13 Think Tank!

Those of you that have had a baby will understand when I say that I’ve been in hibernation.  It’s not that I’ve been sleeping my days away, in fact I get less sleep now than I ever have.  My hibernation … Continue reading

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What can #Twitter do for your students? Read our #HurricaneSandy adventure!

Two weeks ago one of my students visited NYC and got stuck as Hurricane Sandy rolled in.  Luckily, his family was able to take shelter at a friend’s house in Brooklyn.  On Monday morning, I projected our classroom Twitter account … Continue reading

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This post is part of my series on our two and half week inquiry for Explore More.  You can read other posts in the series here and here. I really wanted to write this post today to demonstrate that things … Continue reading

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Using Edmodo in Writer’s Workshop

We’re at the beginning of a new unit of study in Writer’s Workshop, list articles.  We usually start every unit by delving into a variety of examples in the genre and creating a chart of qualities.  I thought I’d try … Continue reading

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Online Discussions and Access

Today I had my students conduct their first online math discussion.  I put them into groups by table and gave them some word problems from the book to discuss and solve together.  I asked them to solve one problem at … Continue reading

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Day 2: Procedures & Routines

I can’t tell you how many books have been written on procedures and routines. They are basically the bread and butter of the classroom. The truth is, I have enough work to do so, the more work the kids do, … Continue reading

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Making A Work Plan

When kids work in small groups things can go well or things can go wrong.  One of the ways that you can help them collaborate and be good team members to each other while promoting responsibility among and to the … Continue reading

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Have you heard the phrase “it’s not what you know, but who you know?”  Perhaps, as teachers, we would change that phrase to say something like “We want you to know a lot but if you can’t work with others … Continue reading

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