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Reflections, Directions, and Writing Workshop

I’m writing this prequel to my slice after I’ve finished because I realize that this snippet of my day may make it sound like I’m some kind of strict directions Nazi that lives to stifle children’s innate creativity.  I promise … Continue reading

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Finding Flow In the Writer’s Workshop

I think I’ve finally found a good flow with my cycle of receiving student work and giving them feedback.  This has been especially hard in Writer’s Workshop where I’ve been hemming and hawing about which practices to cling to and … Continue reading

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Sometimes We Find Lessons in the Strangest Places

I spotted this flyer while I was waiting for my Pumpkin Latte yesterday morning.  I couldn’t stop staring at it.  It seemed so…. I couldn’t even come up with a word.  So, I casually pulled out my phone and snapped … Continue reading

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Using Edmodo in Writer’s Workshop

We’re at the beginning of a new unit of study in Writer’s Workshop, list articles.  We usually start every unit by delving into a variety of examples in the genre and creating a chart of qualities.  I thought I’d try … Continue reading

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The Power of Feedback

How often do you give your students feedback?  Today, as I was reading some poems that my students had hung up in their writing spaces, I decided that I would post a comment on each one with a post-it.   Each … Continue reading

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Writing, Photography, and the Classroom

I love taking photographs.  If you’ve ever looked at my other blog you will see a wide collection of weird photos from around my neighborhood.  Recently, I used photography to help me think of ideas for the month long Slice … Continue reading

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Mysterious Joe

I have an empty desk in my classroom.  27 students, 28 desks.  Most teachers keep an extra one on had for that middle of the year transfer.  I mostly just need to have symmetrical desk groups in even numbers because … Continue reading

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Swoon, Double Swoon

Nancie Atwell.  One of my Teacher Heroes.  By far one of my favorite speakers.   Here are some clips from her new DVDs Reading in the Middle and Writing in the Middle available from Heinemann Publishers.  (Now I just have to … Continue reading

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Writing on a Friday

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What Makes a Great Memoir?

This was the question I asked my students when we started our memoir unit earlier this month.  I’ve learned a lot about teaching writing in the last few years, but the most important lesson I’ve internalized is to flood the … Continue reading

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