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Ramping Up Reading Conferences

I had a great discussion with my student teacher the other day.  Well, really it was more me talking through a line of thinking and her listening politely as she wondered “why am I stuck with this crazy woman?”  I … Continue reading

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Coming Out of Hibernation with #SHC13 Think Tank!

Those of you that have had a baby will understand when I say that I’ve been in hibernation.  It’s not that I’ve been sleeping my days away, in fact I get less sleep now than I ever have.  My hibernation … Continue reading

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What’s on Your Flipboard?

I’ve been using Flipboard on my iPad for some time.  I love the way that it lays out text from different websites.  This year we’ve loaded the free Flipboard app onto student devices and we’ll be starting the year with … Continue reading

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What’s Blogging Got To Do With It?

Ok, bad title I know.  But the content is good.  At least I hope it is.  Today I gave my students a survey about blogging.  It’s the first year that I’ve done blogs from the beginning of the year and … Continue reading

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Fantastic Flying Books

Thanks to Teri Lesene @ProfessorNana for sharing this little gem on her twitter feed.  I was positively enchanted by this short film that captures an inner spirit, something unsaid, that every book lover holds inside of them.  Not only is … Continue reading

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Sometimes We Find Lessons in the Strangest Places

I spotted this flyer while I was waiting for my Pumpkin Latte yesterday morning.  I couldn’t stop staring at it.  It seemed so…. I couldn’t even come up with a word.  So, I casually pulled out my phone and snapped … Continue reading

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Day 3: Who Are My Students?

One of the first things we do every year is get to know our students.  Teachers who connect with their students on a personal level are better able to understand their motivations and desires as well as tailor instruction to … Continue reading

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What If We Tried This?

  I just found a new book title that I can’t wait to read.  It’s called Words in the Dust by Trent Reedy.  It’s the story of a girl with a cleft palate growing up in Afghanistan.  I’m thinking this … Continue reading

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Choosing Texts

As a teacher who uses a literature based curriculum I spend a lot of time with books;  Reading books, buying books, sharing books, finding books.  At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter how good I am, it’s … Continue reading

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Books and eBooks and Bankruptcy, Oh My!

Toys.  Is this Toys ‘R Us?  No.  It’s Borders.  The same Borders that is declaring bankruptcy.  I was shocked to see such a huge toy display when I went to spend a few gift cards the other day.  Clearly they … Continue reading

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Using Think Alouds To Assess Reading

Every year our staff reads three professional texts together.  Usually one in the summer which we discuss at our first PD days and then two during the year.  Our current book is Classroom Reading Assessments by Frank Serafini.  This round … Continue reading

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Bringing My Reading Conferences Into The 21st Century

As I think about ways to use iPads with my students I’m also thinking about ways that I can use this tool to help myself become a more efficient and organized teacher.  So, today I created this Google form which … Continue reading

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Swoon, Double Swoon

Nancie Atwell.  One of my Teacher Heroes.  By far one of my favorite speakers.   Here are some clips from her new DVDs Reading in the Middle and Writing in the Middle available from Heinemann Publishers.  (Now I just have to … Continue reading

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Teaching Zen: A Slice of Life

  There are days in my teaching career when everything seems to fall into line.  The students are engaged, my lesson goes well, I even have the energy to go through everyone’s Inquiry notebooks, I find a great article for … Continue reading

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