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Happy Digital Learning Day!

As we celebrate our 1st Digital Learning Day in my classroom, I take a moment to reflect on how significantly technology has changed how I teach and how my students learn. Device preference aside, I am so grateful for all … Continue reading

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My New Obsession: Pinterest

Yes I’ve just drunk the Pinterest Koolaid.  It’s soooo good.  I’m going to use it to collect teaching resources both technology and non technology related.  Feel free to follow me. : )

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Characters We Love To Hate

Yesterday I started reading Touching Spirit Bear out loud to the class.  I started by telling them.  “The main character in this book is named Cole Mathews and you are going to hate him.”  That got their attention.  Fifth grade … Continue reading

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Day 8: A Steady Diet of Reading

Keeping kids excited about reading is a major part of my job.  If they like the books they will read.  This means that I keep up a steady diet of reading during the year.  Enough that the site of me … Continue reading

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Choosing Texts

As a teacher who uses a literature based curriculum I spend a lot of time with books;  Reading books, buying books, sharing books, finding books.  At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter how good I am, it’s … Continue reading

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Making Room for Quiet Voices

I was watching this video from Annenberg Media today.  It’s Katherine Bomer, a favorite author of mine, teaching and talking about her read aloud time.  It is packed with rich and exciting learning opportunities.  One of the things she mentions … Continue reading

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Wonderful Read Alouds

“A lot of strange things can happen while you’re writing a story. You can start thinking your characters are real and begin to talk to them. You can feel nervous when they’re trapped, or excited when they’re rescued, or happy … Continue reading

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