Taking Time To Write


The Slice of Life challenge is hosted at www.twowritingteachers.wordpress.com.

I will be blogging my slices on my writing blog Coffee Fueled Musings.

Every year I participate in the Slice of Life Challenge hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers.  This is a writing challenge that takes place every March.  The goal is to write every day for an entire month.  Some years I have been successful and other not so much.  This has been one of my busiest years yet!  Writing a book and having a baby has sort of wiped out my down time. (And a lot of my blogging time)  But I thought to myself, hey…if you’re busy then you must be doing something worth writing about! So I’ll be taking the slicing challenge yet again this year.

What I’ve always loved about the genre of Slice of Life is that it lend a sense of importance to our every day lives.  In a time of faster, better, bigger…it’s important to teach our students to stop and reflect on the little things.  So many times we hear the refrain, I have nothing to write about.  Of course, our students think that only big things are worthwhile topics.  (Hence, the million and one memoirs I get about going to Wisconsin Dells every year.)  But the truth is there is more meaning in a tiny slice of their every day life than there is an any big vacation or trip.  When we model lending importance to those daily moments we show our students how they too can find the meaning in their day to day life.  Stacey and Ruth have some great resources for using Slice of Life with your students up on their blog and I highly suggest you check them out!

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One Response to Taking Time To Write

  1. margaretsmn says:

    Good luck putting this other thing on your already full plate. I am getting my students involved this year. Yesterday as we sat down to write our first slice, two of my students wrote about the death of a loved one. The whole class was in tears. It amazes me every time how powerful and empowering writing with our students can be.

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