Regie Routman at IRA 2012

Last Monday I had the great fortune to get to see Regie Routman speak at the IRA conference.  I love Regie’s books, they were some of the very first professional books I ever read.  I was proud to see her presenting from her iPad for the first time and reflective when she showed the perfect “tea house tree house” that was built for her grandchildren. (A full imagination/reading zone and technology free place.)  It was a good reminder that in our techno-centric lives we need to remember to explicitly teach kids how to unplug as well.

I was also really happy to hear her take on the common core.  I feel a lot better about putting these standards in perspective after listening to her, Steph Harvey, and Anne Goudvis.  Districts are clamoring to buy any shiny packaged thing that has the words common core on it.  We need to pull back from that stance and think about what good teaching looks like first.

Regie is now on Facebook and you can find resources on her facebook page.

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One Response to Regie Routman at IRA 2012

  1. onesunflower says:

    Yes – your insight about buying anything that speaks to common core is sound. I’m hoping to see all of you who are out there doing the work right now give guidance about great resources as we move forward.

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