Why you should have attended Poetry Olio last night

The IRA convention has been full of amazing people, ideas, and exchange of thought. But the learning doesn’t end at 5:45! Last night we had the opportunity to attend our first ever Poetry Olio, a poetry slam like event featuring poets of all walks of life. This event, organized by author-educators Sarah Holbrook and Michael Salinger is one of the best kept secrets of IRA.

Yesterday morning Regie Routman talked about the importance of letting life inspire teaching. Well I can’t think of a more inspirational life event than this. I even took the plunge and read an original poem of my own. I was floored at how supportive the community was and I’m even thinking of working on a poetry book now. (Thanks to author Janet Wong’s advice.)

So next year at IRA make sure you seek out the Olio, you won’t regret it! You’ll probably even have a little fun

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3 Responses to Why you should have attended Poetry Olio last night

  1. elsie says:

    Way to go Katie! I only wish I could be at the convention. Sara Holbrook is so good. Good luck on your poetry book.

  2. Tara says:

    Woah…sounds wonderful! I’m putting in for an autographed opt of your poetry book when it hits the market.

  3. Clarissa says:

    I also attended the Poetry Olio, it was a blast. Next year I will attend it again, but with a poem to share. It inspired me organize a Poetry Olio for my own school!

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