It’s here!  The 57th Annual International Reading Association convention in Chicago, IL.  Things have been so busy lately it really just crept up on us.  But now that it’s here I’m really excited.  I have yet to pour through the fantastically large program to see what I will be catching on Monday and Tuesday.  I think that’s going to require a bigger cup of coffee!

Tuesday morning I’ll be presenting with Kristin and Carolyn Skibba, ADE and tech coordinator, on technology and literacy.  You can see the official description on our conference presentation page.

Our goal is to present a lot of the work that we’ve been doing this year, open up some dialogue on thoughtful uses of technology in literacy instruction, and share some ideas that we think are pretty neat.  If you’re in Chicago please join us 9:00 am on Tuesday morning.

If not you can follow updates on Twitter.  The official hashtag is #IRA2012.

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4 Responses to #IRA2012

  1. rossfinn says:

    This caught my eye when I was browsing wordpress. Mainly because IRA is a terrorist organization in Northern Ireland. Thought it was funny, seeing 57th annual meeting.

    • Katie says:

      Ha. International Reading Association. Yes I do suppose that would be funny if they had their own twitter hashtag. Hope I didn’t end up on any government lists. : )

  2. Tara says:

    How exciting! Good luck!

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