Going Public With Learning

This post is part of my series of posts that chronicle a two and half week inquiry project from start to finish.  Here are some other posts in this series.

Explore More: Explaining what it is and the background of the project.

Going Deeper with Questioning: Sparking students’  curiosity using images.

Collaboration: Supporting students’ work in small groups.

Focusing on Process (not just product): Helping students reflect and document the learning process.

Keeping Kids Organized During Inquiry: One way to help students learn about time management and organize their group work.

I usually put off any discussion of final products until the students have had a chance to research and get to know their topics.  Most students will put the cart before the horse on projects and think about what they want to make first.  This can derail their research pretty quick.  I also try to teach students to pick ways to go public that suit the topic or issue they are covering.  This year we gave them a chart that listed a variety of ways they might share information and that described what each way is good for. You’ll have to excuse the typos as I was finishing this on my 20 minute lunch one day!

Each group had a thoughtful conversation about what products they would create for their Presentation. It was a lot easier for them to collaborate around this issue because they were thinking about what would be best for the project and their learning not what each of them personally wanted to do.



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