Reinforcing Learning With Math Videos

I’ve been exploring the use of short instructional videos in the classroom as a way to provide more and targeted instruction to student’s needs.  Making all of your own videos can be time consuming so it’s nice to have some resources that you can rely on to fill in the gaps.  What I really like about finding quality videos done by real teachers and students is that they provide different ways and methods to solve problems.

One site that I’m really excited about is Mathtrain.TV.  It’s full of student created videos that are short and to the point.  I know my students will just love them.  They also have a podcast and an App that you can get in case you want to load videos right onto mobile devices.

The other resource that I’m enjoying is the Mathademics Channel on Youtube.  I’m actually hoping to upload some videos of my own here in order to give back a little.  This channel collects instructional videos from teachers on various math subjects.  Like this one on converting fractions to decimals.

Having these resources is a great help in pre-teaching and re-teaching concepts to students who need it.  In any given math period my 29 students have a wide variety of needs.  Leveraging the capabilities of the iPad helps me to target everyone’s needs, keep them engaged and busy, and frees me up to work with a small group without worrying if the other kids are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

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