Some Favorite Fifth Grade Math Apps

Every day there are millions of new apps. But only a few make the cut for being truly useful in an education setting. Even fewer meet my high learning requirements and my students’ fun requirements. Here are a few that we are using in our down time to practice skills and promote thinking!

Factor Samurai: You slice it and you dice it. Prime factorization is always a challenge for my kiddos. In this game they get practice slicing up composite numbers into their prime factors. It’s like Fruit Ninja, but with math. This is a fun app with lots of learning potential. It becomes more difficult as the player progresses although I wish it had some controls to adjust things right away. This kids really enjoy it and are rewarded with different colored swords as they progress. The best part is that after a few days of playing this game the concept of prime factors was a cinch to introduce and teach. 

Math Evolve: Math Evolve is so much fun that I played it for an hour the first time I downloaded it. The math practice is facts based and you can choose which operations you want to practice. What makes this game a little more appealing to me is that it varies how you are solving them. So sometimes you choose all the numbers in the equation, other times you’re given a quotient and have to choose the factors and yet other times you’re given one factor. It lays a nice foundation for pre algebraic thinking and it’s graphics and game play are highly motivating. 

Chicken Coop Fractions: Fast paced fractions estimations and mental calculations to decimal equivalents are paired with bizarre chickens laying fractional eggs. The oddness of this game appeals to my students. The need for mental fraction to decimal conversions appeals to me.  The only drawback is that the splat of the egg when you calculate incorrectly is almost more fun that getting the problem right!

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