Cloning Myself

I’m lucky enough to have a day to work on creating content for my iPads.  My loose plan is to create some instructional videos in math to better differentiate teaching some concepts.  I’ve seen Jennie Cho Magiera do this with a great deal of success in her class and it’s something I’d like to try.  That being said I am riddled with questions this morning…

  • Should the videos be specific to certain lessons and guide students through solving specific problems in the book or should I make them more general so that they can be easily reused and shared with other educators.
  • How can I best differentiate each lesson to meet different student’s needs and how will I determine which video lesson I want students to watch?
  • Should I be trying to make a variety of videos for each lesson I want to do or should I be focusing my efforts on a particular subset of students?  i.e. make challenging videos for student who have shown mastery so that I can provide more instruction for the rest.  Or make videos that move at a different pace for students that need more work with manipulatives and who would possibly benefit from the focused attention on the lesson via the iPad?
  • Do I focus on certain concepts within our curriculum or should this be the time when I plan lessons that supplement the curriculum?
  • And of course I’m still working out what a differentiated video looks like.  My instinct is to do a lot of modeling and think alouds with students who are less sure of the concepts and support that with plenty of concrete manipulative work while slowly transitioning from concrete to abstract…
  • Also…would it be better for me to be creating long lessons or more short mini-lessons that reinforce, extend, or challenge students to apply concepts in ways not presented in their regular curriculum?

These are some big questions for an early Thursday morning after a long night of parent teacher conferences.  I feel like I’m just dipping my toe into using our iPads in this way and I would LOVE some thoughts, ideas, and feedback.  How can I leverage this technology in a way that will benefit my students and impact their learning?  Please comment!

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One Response to Cloning Myself

  1. Jennie says:

    Hi Katie! I would love to talk with you more about this if you’re up to it! :)

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