Come See Us At NCTE!

We’ll be at the NCTE convention next week.  I’m already sifting through the amazing offerings trying to figure out which sessions to attend.  On Sunday we’ll be presenting with some colleagues on Inquiry Circles in the classroom.  Stop by and say hello if you can!

Session: M.13 – 11:30 am to 12:45 pm 11/20/2011 Format: Panel
Room: Chicago Hilton/Joliet Room, Third Floor Topic: 21st-Century Literacy
Level(s): Elementary (K-5), Middle (6-8)

This interactive session will focus on active literacy practices that engage students in productive, differentiated small group inquiry on a variety of topics, issues and ideas. Inquiry circles support students to draw upon an expanded range of comprehension strategies and collaborative social skills to enhance understanding, acquire knowledge, and take action.

Chair:  Stephanie Harvey, Public Education and Business Coalition, Denver, Colorado
Presenter:  Sara Ahmed, Burley School, Chicago, Illinois , ‘Interviewing as a Form of Research’
Katie Muhtaris , Burley School, Chicago, Illinois , ‘From Lit Circles to Inquiry Circles’
Michele Timble & Debbie King, Burley School, Chicago, Illinois , ‘Sharing Your Own Inquiry Process as a Means to Teaching Research Strategies’
Kristin Ziemke , Burley School, Chicago, Illinois , ‘Modeling and Leaving Tracks of Thinking’
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One Response to Come See Us At NCTE!

  1. Tara says:

    ARGH!!! Wish I could be there…you’ll have to write long posts about this!!

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