An Apple a day, or at least yesterday…

I agree with Katie it has been a busy week! was a week that was so much FUN!

First there was filming on Wednesday.  Then yesterday we had the wonderful folks from Apple out to visit our iPad project!  We got to chat with Apple staff who flew in from Cupertino, Minnesota and Ohio.  I got some great ideas on using the iPad for assessment, tips for enhancing iMovie, and more ideas for using ePubs to differentiate instruction. I’m going to try a few of these things then I’ll share the outcomes on the blog.

The best part was getting to talk with really interesting people.  In addition to the Apple team, there were also a few people from school districts who were trying to decide if they should purchase iPads or other tech for their schools. I love talking with a diverse group of educators!   It’s always a learning opportunity and I consistently walk away with a new idea or a “push” for my practice.

All in all, it was a great week!

About Kristin

Kristin Ziemke has spent her career teaching and learning from children in both urban and suburban school districts. A first grade teacher in Chicago, Kristin engages students in authentic learning experiences where reading, thinking, collaboration and inquiry are at the heart of the curriculum. Co-author of Connecting Comprehension and Technology, Kristin pairs best practice instruction with digital tools to transform learning in the classroom and beyond. An Apple Distinguished Educator, National Board Certified Teacher and Chicago’s 2013 Tech Innovator of the Year, Kristin seeks opportunities to transform education through technology innovation. She inspires educators around the globe as a staff developer, speaker and writer. To learn more about her work follow her on Twitter @KristinZiemke.
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