Goodbye Steve

With all of the iPad talk on this blog lately it only seems fitting that write a post in honor of Steve Jobs.  His ideas and visionary ability to create has touched every part of my life.  I used to be a PC girl, but when I saw the built in creative capability that the Macs came with I jumped at the chance to use them as a teaching tool.  Now, as an iPad classroom, I see how Steve’s creative vision is impacting my creative vision for my students.  He was a man that touched the lives of many.

As I read through all of the obituaries, biographies, and articles it strikes me that Steve Jobs was probably a pretty weird guy.  People who are geniuses usually are.  I smiled as I read an account of him calling up the president of HP to complain about one of their products.  He was only in high school.  I wonder what was Steve Jobs like as a 5th grader?

Was he one of the kids who walked all over the room, unable to sit in his seat?  Did he collaborate well or was he introverted?  Did he challenge the teachers in his life?  Was he an outlier? The popular kid?  Well-behaved?  Out-spoken? Certainly he must have been one to “think different.”

One of his favorite quotes was;

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.”  -Wayne Gretsky

That is what we must do with teaching today.  The world had changed thanks to people like Steve Jobs.  You may like it, you may not.  But you can’t change the world your students live in.  It’s our job to be like Steve Jobs.  To take the best of what works, break it apart, and put it back together in a new and innovative way.


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