Day 11: Read Aloud Books for the First Weeks of School

As you probably noticed from my post on classroom environment I have a lot of books.  I’ve been collecting books since I began teaching and there is no end in sight.  I have a core set of books that I love reading aloud at the beginning of the year.  I use these to teach procedural lessons such as how to sit on the carpet and how to turn and talk about a book.  Here are some of my favorite read aloud picture books that I use during the first week of school.

Library Lill: Lill is a rough and touch librarian.  She got that way from heaving large stacks of books.  So when she moves to a new town where no one reads she has to use everything she’s got to get people reading.  One night a storm rages and cuts the power to the whole town. Lill seizes the opportunity and takes her bookmobile out in the storm to bring books to the people.  Pretty soon she has them reading all day and all night.  That is until a biker gang rolls into town. Sound weird?  It is.  It has a great message and it’s a fun book that students love.

Butterflies in my Stomach and Other School Hazards:  I love this book for the first day of school.  It appeals to students in a very personal place, after all who hasn’t had butterflies in their stomach?  The entire book is a series of idioms that relate to being nervous and the first day of school so it makes a great lesson as well!

Library Lion:  Who ever heard of a Lion in a library?  Well this lion can stay as long as he doesn’t break the rules.  Of course, being a lion he does.  Little does the grouchy librarian know that the lion will be his hero.  This is a sweet and fun book for the first few days of school.

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