On Teaching and Learning


I’m in beautiful Wisconsin today working with Stephanie Harvey and Kristin Ziemke on some staff development. I have to say, I’ve gone to a lot of conferences and I’ve presented at a few but this is kind of fun. Teachers are the same everywhere you go. We want simple things. We want time to talk to each other and we want to learn. That’s the secret, all teachers really do want to learn. Some of them have forgotten that they like to learn, some teachers don’t want to admit that they want to learn, but all teachers want to learn.

I’m sure that not every teacher in the room today buys what we’re saying. That’s ok. The truth is I live and breath teaching. I have seen these strategies make a drastic difference in the achievement of my students. You can’t argue with the facts. That’s not to say that my way is the only way. Let’s be honest. I change and evolve every year I teach. What seems like best practice now might not seem that way in a few years. New research is helping us to understand students ability to learn more and more.

The real magic is the time and ability to work together and grow together. I’ll be working with two schools during the course of the year. It is my hope that somewhere along the line I’m able to share something that is useful to these teachers. It is my hope that they see the value in the types of balanced literacy and comprehension instruction that I am demonstrating. But the most important thing I can leave them with is the knowledge and ability to get together, learn together and grow their teaching practice in a way that makes sense to them and works for their students.

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8 Responses to On Teaching and Learning

  1. Stacey says:

    Lucky you to be at that p.d. session!
    I know you’ll be teaching people a LOT of things this year. You’re packed with knowledge. :)

  2. Michelle says:

    Well said Katie! Please do keep sharing virtually as well because there are many of us out here in the world that learn so much from you! Work together and grow — I like that motto!

  3. It is about learning all the time – and inquiry is key! You are helping teachers get off to a great start, thanks.

  4. Linda Baie says:

    I agree with the group dynamic, that is so important to teachers and our learning. Thanks for saying it so very well. And, as Michelle said, please keep sharing.

  5. Tara says:

    “But the most important thing I can leave them with is the knowledge and ability to get together, learn together and grow their teaching practice in a way that makes sense to them and works for their students.”
    Well said! Lucky teachers who will get to have you to lean on….

  6. Elizabeth G. says:

    I would love to hear you and Stephanie Harvey speak. You are right, teachers are always eager to learn. Thank you for being so passionate about our job and for sharing your learning.

  7. jen says:

    Well said! I miss the days of P.D. Budget cuts have truly taken away the time I used to have with my teams, and other teams across the district, much let alone any conferences that would have allowed us to network beyond our own district. Thankfully, I am still motivated to do whatever it takes to keep learning, and having such a wonderful blogging community makes the task so much easier to tackle! :)

  8. Inspiring post! I’m looking forward to hearing about your learning and thinking as you work with your schools this year. And I totally agree with Stacey: “You are packed with knowledge.”

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