Why You Might Want To Stick With It

Every year I teach a lesson on abandoning books.  I always follow that lesson with one on NOT abandoning books.  This is for the students who are serial abandoners.  These students give up on books for many reasons.  Perhaps they aren’t yet able to choose books that they can read independently, perhaps they just don’t know what they like in a book, or perhaps they’ve abandoned so many books that they don’t know the secret…sometimes books start really slow!

I recently read a post by Vicki Davis about fast food learning.  In it, she talks about the concept of instant gratification, among other things.  To illustrate her point she shares a video and points out how in the first few seconds you hear someone comment, “Well that was anti-climactic.”  I think some readers do this.  They read the first few pages or chapters and say…”well that was lame.”  Then they give up.  For some readers this is all they do.

However, if you continue to watch the video you will be astounded by the amazing presentation that follows this man’s comment.  So, perhaps I’ll add this video to my lesson on NOT abandoning books to help me illustrate that sometimes we do have to stick it out to get to the good parts.

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