Last week was crazy.  I mean crazy, crazy.  On Friday I did a model lesson and then participated in an hour long debrief with 15 teachers and Educational Guru, Smokey Daniels.  Crazy.  (I was a fill in, some teachers did this for three days!)

I taught a lesson on using a work plan to organize small group inquiry work.  I used some of my reflections from the Social Studies work plan I had done with the other class to inform my teaching.  Overall, I thought the lesson went well and my students were great about getting to work and not being shy because they had 15 adults staring at them and asking them questions.

Here’s what I think.  This is the most powerful type of professional development we can have.  I go to conferences, I read books, I take classes, but when you can actually get into the classroom and have the experts there with you side by side…that’s magic.  I have been on the observing side before but to tell you the truth, being on the teaching side is just as informative.  I felt like I was going through National Boards again!  I hope that the “people with money” liked what they saw so that my super colleagues can continue this program next year.

Oh, and I guess some people may be wondering.  Aren’t you nervous to teach in front of 15 other adults.  Oddly, no.  In fact, it’s more nerve wracking to teach in front of one adult.  By the time you hit 15 it’s like an audience and I was raised on the stage.   Also, I lost all sense of nervousness or embarrassment the day that five construction workers standing on a neighboring roof watched me put on a pair of pantyhose that were two sizes too small.

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One Response to Crazy

  1. Tara says:

    Oh how I would love to do this in my school!

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