Getting Out Of The Classroom…Virtually

I don’t know what taking a field trip is like in your district but in ours you could be buried in paperwork until Summer before you can get out of the building.   I mean, I still consider myself lucky.  Hey, we’re in a big city with lots of museums and things to see.  But let’s face it we can’t plan and go on all of the trips we want to.  Luckily, their are free tools on the internet that we can use to plan virtual field trips.  Trips that span the globe and ignore the boundaries of history.

Take this site Tripline.  Here’s a neat little tool that you can use to plan a virtual trip with photos and music.  You can use photos that have already been uploaded to Flickr or your own.  Here is an example of The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.

I also think Geotrio has some great potential.  This site allows you to add audio clips to each stop on your tour.  Like this one on New York Pizza.  And yes…there’s an App for that.  Although I haven’t tried it yet.

Of course there’s always Google lit trips.  There are tons of pre-created trips that follow characters on their journeys.  A great addition to any travel based book.

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