People Read Stuff You Put On The Internet

Yesterday my students realized this for the first time.  We’ve been blogging in response to literature lately using kidblogs.  You can read some of my other posts about it here and here.

When I set up our kidblogs I chose NOT to password protect the site.  Afterall, who would find it?  I wanted students and parents to be able to access it it easily when given the link.  When I asked students if we should “go public” I meant…should we publicize?  Link it on our website, actively find another class to share with.  I, of course, know that even “private” things on the internet can be found very “publicly.”  They did not.

What happened to change their minds?  One of my students got a comment from an author of a book they reviewed.  I must admit I was elated and a little dumbfounded.  How did they find our meager little blog?  And HOW COOL!  Well, a bit of research showed me that anyone searching for kid written blogs and a specific book title could get to a blog post written by us.  Good to know. Hey it makes sense.  If I was an author I’d want to know what people were saying about my books as well.

When I told the student she was honored and excited.  Then a second author left a comment on another student’s blog.  Several of them looked at me and one said, “That’s a little eerie.”  What is?  “That anyone can just go on and read the stuff we put on the internet.”  Um….yes, yes it is.  That’s why I’m always telling you to be CAREFUL.

A great lesson for all of us.  Today we will address some of these issues as a class and I will offer to password protect the blogs.  I secretly hope that they don’t want to.  But if they do, it will happen.  After all, it’s their work and they should get to choose.

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