Writing, Photography, and the Classroom

I love taking photographs.  If you’ve ever looked at my other blog you will see a wide collection of weird photos from around my neighborhood.  Recently, I used photography to help me think of ideas for the month long Slice of Life challenge.  So I was excited to find this inspirational article on Edutopia today.  It’s a really interesting look at how photography can be used to inspire students to not only write, but to learn to look at the world like a writer.  Writers stop and view a scene from different angles.  They focus on a particular aspect of something to zoom in on.  They sometimes manipulate what is there in order to tell a certain story.  These are all skills that photographers use as well.

There are many ways that you can use photography in the writing classroom.  You can provide students with professional photos to view to help them work on work choice, description, or observation.  You can take your own pictures to share with students, or you can put the cameras in the students hands. This last one  being the most powerful as students can directly connect what they are doing with photography to their writing.  I also like this idea because students can use the photograph as inspiration as well as write about their process for taking it.

If you’re interested in using more photography in your classroom check out these websites.  Not all of them are about writing.  Some are photo resources and others are about using photography in other subjects so poke around.

Click! Photography Changes Everything.

This Day in History

Using Digital Cameras in the Classroom

Picture This: Using Photography to Teach Science, Math, and Writing

If you don’t have a camera for students to use.  I would suggest either writing a grant on Donors Choose for classroom digital cameras or see if you can get parents or community members to donate some.

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