While I’m On A Roll About Book Clubs

I’m putting together a new grant on Donors Choose for some new titles that I’ve found.  When I choose books for student book clubs there are few things that I take into careful consideration.

  • How challenging is this title?  How many of my readers will be able to access this?
  • What it the interest level?  Will it appeal to both boys and girls?  Will it grab students and make them want to read?
  • How does this further my goal of providing a representation of diversity among my literature?
  • How will this book connect with other books that I already have?  (I’m trying to get away from only genre based book clubs and into more themes)
  • Does this book have the potential to leave a reader changed?
  • Is this book a unique piece of writing that will appeal to kids today?

Although it’s not necessary that you read all of the books, I do.  I find it really hard to join in and help guide conversations or monitor student comprehension if I haven’t.  Also, I believe very strongly in student choice in reading so if I’m going to narrow their selection I want to be sure that I know the books they are choosing from are of the highest quality.

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