Explore More Day

6:30 am and I’m drinking a gallon of coffee.  I had an anxiety dream about Explore More last night.  Although it’s the students who are on the stage today I know it’s my job to help them look good.  Student A needs me to check their video, Student B needs helping making sure her display in the closet doesn’t fall down, Student C & D needs to practice their presentation, the list goes on and on.

This is what I call the GOOD stress of teaching.  Not the BAD stress which is often associated with things like standardized testing.  This is the kind of stress that happens only when you know that you’ve made the hard choice instead of the easy choice and it has made all the difference.  In reality, today will be a lot of fun!

Reflecting back I would say that 1) I still wish we had a little more time, but don’t I always. 2) The depth and level of the inquiry that the students went to on their topic was fantastic.  I was very impressed at how much information they found and how they THOUGHT about it.  3) I was very proud of the activism among the group.  Several group banded together in order to collect funds to send to the victims of the Japanese Tsunami. 4) The systems that I set up to refocus students on their questions worked really well to help focus their inquiries and set a purpose for their research. 5) This year I created a wikispace for each group to summarize their inquiry and results, post any work that they wanted to, and link to useful website where people could get more information.  While we still have some things to add please feel free to visit it here.

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