Conference Time


Lucy Calkins sits on the floor with a group of teachers during lunch break.


I was fortunate enough to attend the Lucy Calkins conference in Milwaukee today.  It was exhausting on so many levels and I suspect I will need many blog posts to review and digest all of the information that I gleaned from my day with her.

Here are a few quotes from the day that stick out in my mind.


“We have no choice but to raise standards in American schools.  We are in a situation where we must ramp up education.”

“We need to stand at this intersection in history and see hope and promise.”

“Partnerships are crucial, we don’t want them just reading.  We want them doing work to help them be better reasers.”

Question to ask yourself: “Is this a reader’s workshop that is escalating student achievement as much as it can?”

“Kids want to work with heart and soul on a big project that matters.”


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