Getting Ready For Book Clubs

My students were super excited to see the books stacked on the round table today.  Book Clubs!  There’s nothing like the feeling of starting a new book.  I’m trying a few things differently this time around.  First of all, I offered a ton of titles and asked them to list their top four.  I never know what Historical Fiction will appeal to my kids so I like to provide a great deal of choice in this genre.  As they came to the table to examine books today I chatted with them and suggested titles that I thought they might like, steering them in the right direction and talking about the different challenges of each book.

Once they get into groups I am allowing them to set their own schedule for reading. Normally I give them a calendar, set the time, 3-4 weeks, and tell them what day we will be having discussion on.  This time I am asking each group to sign up for one meeting a week (I anticipate meeting with one of the groups twice a week) and to set their own schedule.  I’m hoping to sit in on more discussions this way and to develop a better picture for myself of where my students are at with their discussion and collaboration skills.  I’m also thinking that since the groups usually “level” themselves, this will better meet my student’s needs when it comes to time.

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