Organizing for Inquiry

Last week I had students fill out a google form which asked them to list the three books they were most interested in and the inquiry questions that they had come up with for those books. This serves as a way for me to assess their questions and to group them by common interests and ideas. Because these kinds of inquiries go beyond the scope of my classroom library I rely on the internet a great deal. Some of the topics that the students choose can be quite broad and challenging to find information on.

This year I’ve decided to create a live binder for Explore More. I’m making a Tab for each group where I can have links for them, as well as add links that they have found. This way students will have a base of information to start from and we’ll be able to keep track of their resources easily so that they can be cited later. Groups will also be able to see what other group are doing if they have any helpful resources to share. Additionally, I’m creating a tab that has links to all of the project planning pages, assignment details, and other information. This way students and parents can have everything at their fingertips. Let’s hope it works!

If you haven’t used live binders before, it’s a pretty neat tool. Check out some of the examples on their website.

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