More Amazing Resources From ICE

In my last post I summed up some highlights from my day at the ICE conference.  Well this post will be dedicated solely to resources and ideas that came from peoples’ tweets on Friday.  We are in an amazing time when you can “attend” a conference without attending it.

Sweet Search: This is a search engine for students.  It’s free which is a benefit offer services such as nettrekker which require a subscription.  It’s also further customizable in many ways.  The sites have been screened by teachers, librarians, and the like.  I haven’t tried this with my students yet, but I plan to this coming week to see how well it works.

Universal Design for Learning: This is a really exciting resource for me. It’s not just a “cool web tool,”  there is a great deal of information on how to use web tools and resources in an effort to meet all of your learners’ needs.    Definitely click on about UDL and explore that website as well!


iPad Apps for Education: These websites are run by or have contributions from teachers who are using iPads in the classroom.

Wondering how the internet sees you?  Use this site to evaluate your digital tattoo and teach students about permanency on the internet.

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