Ice Ice Baby

“Alright stop! Collaborate and listen, ICE is back with a brand new edition…”

No, not that Ice Ice Baby, although the first line is strangely appropriate.  I’m talking about the annual ICE conference that I was lucky enough to attend today.  That’s Illinois Computing Educators for you non Illinois people, or non nerds.  It’s always exciting to connect with educators and find out what’s happening outside of my classroom.  Here are some highlights from sessions that I attended today as well as great resources and info that I got on my Twitter feed.  (Which I think is really neat because some of my best ideas were sparked by sessions I wasn’t even sitting in.)

  • Tammy Worcester’s Favorite Tips, Tricks, and Tools.  Thanks to @secondgradetchr I was able to here some of Tammy’s ideas via Twitter.  I was really excited about the prospect of putting QR codes in books for book reviews written by students.  Since our school uses classroom libraries I would love to share QR codes with other classes.  Plus, I’ve been looking for a good use for my old beat up iPhone.  QR reader it is!
  • “17 Things to Chew on” This was a really neat session based on the 23 things movement.  (do you call it a movement?)  Anyway I loved attending it with my principal who seemed to like the idea of doing something similar for our staff.  Friendly and very not scary ways to get teachers using and thinking about technology.  Here is the link to the original blog and the blog for this year.
  • Did you know that you can make screen casts or audio casts for Twitter?  Via @skibtech
  • Movies in the classroom by Josh Stumpenhorst.  This is a great Prezi that gives ideas and examples of how and why to use movie making with students.
  • Resources for using Glogster with students in the classroom. I’ve been dancing around Glogster for awhile but this session really made me think about using it with my students this year.
  • There’s an App for That by Jason Janczak via @jjanczak.  Neat little prezi that highlights some useful Apps for classroom use.
  • Epub and the Future of the Book.  A thought provoking presentation that everyone should look at!

For a full list of resources you can visit the ICE 2011 wiki. Please add any other resources or ideas in the comments!

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One Response to Ice Ice Baby

  1. Diana says:

    These are amazing resources. I fall into the non-nerd and dork-about-technology categories but I am determined to learn. I plan to use yet another Michigan snow day perusing the sites/blogs from your post. Thanks very much for this detailed post. :)

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