Saturday Morning Reading

I love a lazy Saturday morning.  By lazy I mean indulging in breakfast at my favorite brunch place, drinking too much coffee, walking the dog, and utterly ignoring the huge stack of papers lurking in my bag.  Productivity is for Sunday mornings.  I also like to indulge in a little reading, here’s what I’m reading this morning.

10 Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom from Technology Teacher  (Holy futuristic Batman!)  This is a pretty interesting idea that’s burning on the Twitter feeds this morning.  I would love to create QR codes for a field trip.  Each student would have their own device and could scan certain items at a museum or around the city.

Donalyn Miller on Engagement from The Big Fresh @ Choice Literacy.  (Well this is more of a listening…)

Get the Math This site is a little advanced, but I’m feeling like I have a few learners who could take this challenge.  I love the real world connection.

Poking through the Mosaic List Serve @ Reading Lady.  Just in case I’ve missed something.

On The Clipboard from Welcome to my Tweendom.  This is one of my favorite resources for finding book recommendations.


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