Friday Confessions: I’m one of THOSE teachers

My Friday confessions posts are inspired by NovaLibraryMom who blogs at One Upon A Story.

It’s time for another confession.  I’m one of THOSE teachers.  You know, the ones who really like their job.  Here’s another secret, there are a lot of us out there.  Oh sure, we don’t love the paperwork or the fact that a bunch of politicians and people who have never stepped foot in a classroom want to tell us what to do all the time.  But we really, really love our job.

I love watching my students’ faces as they suddenly realize that they know how to add fractions.  I love captivating them with a stunning picture book.  I love inspiring them to try something new like dance or art or digital storytelling.  I love talking to other teachers, about teaching.

My job is not easy, it might actually be the hardest job in the world.  But that’s why I love it.  If it was easy, then it would be boring!  I can never ever say my job is boring.

Selfishly, I love it because it keeps me young.  It pushes me to be a better person.  It allows me to laugh every day.  It gives me an excuse to read childrens’ literature.  I can still secretly laugh at fart jokes.

So, there it is.  I admit it, I love my job.

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One Response to Friday Confessions: I’m one of THOSE teachers

  1. I’m currently not in the classroom, as you know, but I was like you. I LOVED the teaching part of my job… I loved trying new ideas, connecting with my students, and being part of an environment where my coworkers (well, most of them) worked just as hard as I did. Every single day. It’s unfortunate that politics and red tape have to be involved in the process, but despite that, I plan to return to the (library) classroom some day.

    Thanks for sharing!

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