Standing In The Street

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The snow piles in the street have turned hard and gray.  A fresh dusting did nothing to mask the mess beneath.  Empty spaces stand dotted with chairs, boxes, and other unwanted items laying claim to a small homestead on the street.  6:00pm, the phone rings.  My husband is almost home.  I glance out the window.  The streetlights glint off the constant flurry of flakes.

Outside I walk briskly with the dog.  Then I see it.  A space, just slightly too small for a regular sized car.  No object to stand guard, and it’s right in front of my car.  We go out to the street to survey the situation.  If I move my car back a foot, I think he can fit.  So we stand and we wait.

Plato senses we are here to stay and sits, alert.  He doesn’t mind the snow or cold, he is happy to be outside, able to survey passers by and feel the soft flakes fall on his eyelashes.  I start to whistle.  We must seem like an odd pair, standing in the street.  Women have done stranger things for their men.  Cars pass by.  I feel a pang of guilt for each one of them.  I wish I could save a space for them all, but this is city livin’, this is Chicago after a blizzard.  Just as I think my toes are going to freeze and fall off I see his headlights turn down our street.

Valentine’s day is next week.  Sometimes a box of candy cannot truly express the love we feel.  Sometimes you just have to go stand in the street.

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8 Responses to Standing In The Street

  1. the other ruth says:

    Wonderful slice–love the line at the end!

  2. Tara says:

    Okay…THIS is a great slice – from the way you set the scene to your conclusion. What a fabulous Valentine’s Day present!

  3. elsie says:

    This makes me soooooo grateful for my garage!

  4. T. Hess says:

    So many Valentine moments like this to remember………………………..It’s what love is all about, and it comes naturally.

  5. hey2blondie says:

    Love it! Great details – I can really picture this!

  6. Theresa says:


    You nailed it. This is a SLICE of life story! You know how some things are tricky to define, but when you see it you just know, this is it. I too especially love the ending and the mental images. I can see you and Plato saving that space. ~Theresa

  7. onesunflower says:

    Great slice – making space for your loved one in more ways than one!

  8. Diana says:

    Enjoyed your slice. You made me think of how my husband and I shuffle the cars around in the driveway so whoever leaves first in the morning isn’t blocked.

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