Bringing My Reading Conferences Into The 21st Century

As I think about ways to use iPads with my students I’m also thinking about ways that I can use this tool to help myself become a more efficient and organized teacher.  So, today I created this Google form which is an electronic version of the Informal Reading Conference form that I use with my students.  Although I try to meet with my students weekly, once a quarter I give them this informal conference that is more in-depth and gives me valuable information about them as readers.  This form is adapted from Regie Routman’s format in her book Reading Essentials. I have added several other items that relate to my instruction and students as well.  My hope is that this increased level of organization will help me to be a better informed and more reflective teacher so that I can help my students grow as readers.

Sadly, when I submitted the form to templates it didn’t work correctly.  I will try to fix the issue and post the link if I get it working.

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3 Responses to Bringing My Reading Conferences Into The 21st Century

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  2. Nancy C says:

    I haven’t used Google Forms too much – As you’re conferencing are YOU filling the information in or are the students. Love the idea!

  3. Katie says:

    Nancy, in this case I am filling in the form. I have an iPad so it makes it pretty easy. I do think there are all kinds of great applications for Google forms in the classroom. I could see creating ones that the students filled in as well as a check in. It might be fun to create a list of ideas for these kinds of forms.

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