Building A PLN

I’ve really been enjoying blogging.  It energizes and helps me to continue to build my practice.  I’ve also been working on my PLN.  (Personal Learning Network) I chose to go back to Twitter and really find some quality people to follow. (I’m loving it.)  I reached out to the forum on Classroom 2.0 to give me suggestions for who to follow.  As a result, I’ve found new blogs to read, learned about new technology, gotten some great book recommendations, read posts about educational politics, and engaged in dialogue with colleagues from all over the world.  Even if you have great professional development opportunities at your school it’s refreshing to find out what’s happening in education outside your own walls.  Another part of my PLN are my Diigo groups.  This is where I found the link to the presentation below.  If you’re wondering what a PLN is or how you can build your own then you MUST check this out! (update: after logging into my Twitter account I saw a tweet from the author of this cool Prezi presentation Ian Kelly. Credit where credit is due!)

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