2 iPad Apps That I Have A Teacher Crush On


Confer Lite is free, Confer is $9.99

Confer: This App must have been created by a real live teacher or someone who loves one. If you use reading and writing workshop it’s a fantastic tool.  Essentially it’s a way to record and organize your one on one and small group conferences.  When you confer with a student you have three fields to fill in: tags, teaching point, next steps.  It saves all of these so if you word your teaching points in a general manner you can apply them to many students.  You can also organize students by teaching point or next steps.  Genius!  I would like to see a function that’s just “notes” for the student in case I need to elaborate, maybe even the ability to create custom fields.  If they could add a record function I would go from crush to infatuation!  Try the free version first to see if it fits with your style.


inClass: Ok, so I admit I don’t use this one with my students.  I use it to manage all of the work that I need to do for my online Masters courses.  A handy to-do list, a notes section that you can record audio and attach media to.  A calendar.  It’s one of the best that I’ve seen. (Although I probably haven’t seen them all.)  It keeps me organized and I love that I can email anything from the notes section to myself.  I could see great applications of this in a 1-to-1 setting for iPads.


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